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The plan to refit Witch is underway. There will be a series of pages of photos showing the progress of the work undertaken by Frank Halls and Son at Walton.

Winter 2006 Refit

The plan for the refit starts with stripping the hull back to the wood and making good any problems found. The list of items given to the boatyard is shown below with comments on progress. The pictures illustrate any of the issues discovered.

Remove anti-foul, burn topsides and repaint
  The anti-foul has been removed, the topsides have been stripped and the first undercoat applied
Make good hull where necessary
  Forward on the port side there are some seams needing caulking; there is a plank that has gone soft at one end and some deterioration around fastenings.
Port side towards the stern, some fastenings have come away and the corner of a plank is protruding. The caulking has been removed so that the plank could be pulled back into place and then the caulking replaced.
Repair rot in floor in bilge
  One of the frames has rotted in the deep area of the bilge. This frame has been repaired.
Clean through bilges stem to stern and Danboline (grey)
  Bilges are clean stem to stern. Last coat of Danboline to be applied
Make good floors where necessary
  Each of the grown frames has started to go soft at the same height under the steel frames. The frames have been removed for galvanising and the wood repaired as required. There is a steel frame under the engine that had to be examined, so a gantry was constructed in the cabin so that the engine could be lifted out. This also enabled the stern to be cleaned and painted. All frame bolts have been replaced.
Replace Keel Bolts under engine
  Two of t he three keel bolts under the engine have not been replaced in the yard's memory. Wrought iron bar has been ordered for new bolts to made up from.
Remove, galvanise and replace all external galvanised fittings
  All galvanised fittings have been removed and sent off for re-galvanizing.
Fit deck water filler
Sand decks and re-paint with agreed product
  The Dekaplex has been removed and the condition of the deck planking revealed. Each deck plank is tapered towards the bow and they will not be covered over again. Coelan will be used, with non-slip material used on each of the plank seams.
Re-varnish toe rails, sheer strake, hatch, cockpit, skylight
  The hatch and garage have been removed and varnished; the floorboards sanded and varnished
Prepare and paint cabin sides
  The cabin sides have been stripped and the front corners reinforced with fibreglass to seal leaking areas. The cabin sides will be painted cream.
Seal deck to bitts
Re-instate samson posts?
  The metal knees on the deck give good strength and so the samson posts will not be reinstated
Fit latch and seal to forehatch
Stop leak on coachroof skylight and fit latch
Fit deck anchor mounting points and protection from blocks and highfield levers
Re-fit starboard quarter berth as cockpit locker
  The locker has been created. As the area below the sleeping level of the old berth is now part of the locker, it is very large. A mounting point for the dinghy outboard has been made. The Avon Redcrest will fit in with no problem.
Fit seal to cockpit floor hatch and drains to cockpit
  The cockpit drain has been fitted.
Prepare and paint interior (white and varnish)
  The paint has been stripped from selected beams in the cabin and the new appearance can already be seen. The foc'sle is now finished.
Construct and replace water tanks in stainless steel
  This is now underway. The tanks will be piped to be filled independently and switched between
Supply replacement ballast in lead
  Lead is at a record high price at the moment, so purchase will be delayed until the price drops
Refurbish Baby Blake with new seals and paint
  Baby Blake has been renovated and refitted
Fit folding sink unit over Baby Blake
Refit galley including gas to comply with regulations and fridge compressor unit
  It is intended to make a gas locker in the stern locker with a lazarette cover for access from the deck
Refit nav station including re-wire, battery bank, switch panel, depth sounder, GPS, Navtex, AIS, Laptop, Solar panel, Autohelm and tiller pilot, VHF with cockpit extension
  A pre-constructed electrics panel hs been ordered from Merlin
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