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The first stage of the process is to strip the hull down to wood and make good.

Stripping Down

Stripping the anti-foul

Stripping the anti-foul

Stripping the anti-foul

Stripping the anti-foul

Stripping the anti-foul

In the shed

In the shed

In the shed

Forward port side problem area. Note the stem repair from last winter.

Despite localised repair areas, the hull is in good condition.

This is an area of soft wood. The plank will be replaced.

The wood round these fastenings is firm but has disintegrated a bit.

Some loosened fastenings have let the planks spring away from the timbers a little. The caulking will be removed, planks refastened, then re-caulked.

The interior where the re-fastening is needed.

Port bunk before dismantling.

Port bunk partly dismantled

Port bunk and chain locker

Remnants of 1918 style

Port bunk cleared


Starboard bunk

Starboard bunk

Chain locker

Battery box

Looking aft


Anchor chain

Chain locker without false tiling

Starboard hull is in good external condition

Forward floor bolt through the stem

All floor bolts were badly corroded

Floor bolts through hull

All floor bolt nuts sheared when undone

Foredeck showing stripped planking

Port deck stripped planking

Pulpit feet are corroded and dangerous

Rusty ballast to be replaced with lead (when the price drops!)

Starboard deck stripped planking

Stern deck stripped planking

Transom hull has one piece of soft wood

Bow deck shows the tapered shaping of the deck planking

Bent frames refastened port side

Bent frames refastened port side

Planks pulled back in a little

The sole is removed and the hull cleaned down

The tar had to be chipped away to get at the last ballast

The bilge has been cleaned through

The mast step will be removed and regalvanised

Stern area without engine

Engine out in cabin

Engine mounting

Engine hoist

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